About Us

About our team of expert IT asset management consultants

Our Mission

To deliver easy to implement sustainable solutions to protect and maximize our clients technology assets.

We do this through a partnership with your business. We vow to educate, inform, and relate to both your business and your way of life by being personable and accessible. That means we don’t focus on the jargon or the high-tech concepts that can almost seem like they were created to confuse.

Yes, we’re tech-oriented, but we speak your language to ensure that nothing gets lost in transition.

We’ve paved the way for easier asset management.

Founded in 2015, we’re committed to helping schools, healthcare facilities, financial institutions and IT companies eliminate spreadsheets through programs that guarantee they get the most out of their technology. Through the creation of our I.V.A.N and TRACEability systems, we offer IT asset management solutions that are easy-to-use, whether we’re training you, or managing your IT lifecycles for you.

Imagine integrating all your asset disposition reports and audits for thousands of pieces of hardware into one place. Imagine knowing the value of your hardware as it ages, and the resale values that you’ll be able to receive after secure data disposition.

At Trace Technology Management, we’re an IT asset management company focused on simplifying these processes for you.

Our core processes have defined the way that we do business:

Let us help you get complete visibility and control over your IT assets.
IT Asset Management Company
Consultative Process

We promise to be there for you, to learn about your business needs, and to provide support through a complete consultative process that ensures we’re meeting your needs through the entire lifecycle of your IT assets.

Team Expertise

By understanding your business strategy, our team of expert IT lifecycle managers can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your IT hardware.

Client-first Focus

We’re here for you. To understand you, and to make sure the the whole process is implemented and followed through to get you the best results.

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