Technology is still a relatively new function of classroom education, however because of its proliferation in our daily lives, it is becoming more vital to the educational experience. Whether you’re offering hands-on courses where students are learning real-life skills, or using it as a tool for your faculty to better prepare and deliver lessons, keeping track of the entire lifecycle of your assets is integral to getting the most value out of them when you budget is tight.

IT asset management solutions aren’t simply about knowing what you have, it’s about planning for the future and ensuring that your IT plan is well-aligned with your budgets and educational goals.

From tablets, laptops, and smartphones, to interactive whiteboards that ensure your students can accurately access the class notes at another time means the opportunity to revolutionize the learning experience and increase comprehension and collaboration.

Benefits of tech in the classroom:

Whether your teachers rely on technology to plan their coursework, are adopting it into their teaching methods, or relying on student-brought devices to plan a lesson, the benefits that an access to technology has on student learning is not lost on educators.

  • Medical students from the University of California Irvine reported that students scored 23% higher on exams after lessons and access to iPads.
  • The Pearson Foundation reported that 66% of college students and 64% of high school seniors say that tablets help them study more efficiently
  • PBS Learning Media Research reports that 74% of teachers said that classroom technology motivates students to learn and master their courses by mastering technology.

Educational Institution CIO’s can recite these benefits in their sleep, but once you have technology implemented — or a plan to implement it — keeping track of these assets becomes an entirely more complex matter. The worst thing that you can do with your investment in technology is to lose devices or not have an idea of their performance or functionality.

The Benefits of Asset Management Solutions in Education


Keeping Track of your tech:

With asset management solutions, you can ensure that your IT department always knows who has what, when they booked it out, and when and what condition it was returned. Teachers aren’t the only ones who depend on technology to complete assignments, whether you’re booking out high-tech cameras or entire photography kits, your asset management team can optimally keep track of all of your devices.

As for stationary devices in computer labs, classrooms, and offices, you can easily update and configure all devices from a remote location to ensure that everything is running the most up-to-date software. This means that your IT team isn’t manually updating, configuring, and trying to get a picture of every device’s performance by actually sitting in front of it.

Planning for the Future

The role of every CIO is to clearly communicate a plan for the internal technology of a school or businness. Through IT asset management solutions, you have a clear idea of when your devices will be due for an upgrade, which devices can be repurposed, and the complexity of an IT transition.

Educational CIO’s need to have a 3-5 or even a 10-year plan in place that aligns with both the budgetary restrictions and innovation goals in place in your institution. Through a clear picture of your current devices and their operation and functionality, you can justify future plans and prepare for your institution to embrace some of the newest technologies available in education.

As technology advances, the role of the smart classroom will also advance. Create a plan for the future, but have it based clearly on your present circumstances.

Aligning your tech plan with your financial plan

One of the biggest challenges for IT in the educational sector is budgetary. Proving that an investment is worth it in the long run, as well as getting the most return on your disposed hardware is one of the biggest benefits of an asset management solution.

In all of the steps above, it always comes down to money. How much would an IT restructure cost? How long before you have to re-purchase new systems? How much can you get back from your old devices? These questions can be answered with an IT asset management solution that allows you to collect intelligence on your entire fleet of devices; computers, laptops, phones, tablets, whiteboards, and the list goes on.

Being able to plan a restructure based on the actual market value for your ageing devices enables you to make better timeline decisions. The value on devices will always decrease, but instead of waiting until they’re worthless, take advantage of a system that will show you their current values.

Whether you’re anticipating a big technological change in your educational institution, or are simply looking for better oversight into the way that your devices are being used and their performance, consider an IT asset management solution that works for you.

At Trace Technologies, our ‘TraceAbility” ITAM software plugin ensures that you get a complete view of your fleet of devices through the disposition process, while Ivan helps our clients get insight into their current and future market value.

Get in touch with us for a consultation and more information on how you can make your current technology work for you.

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