IT Asset Remarketing

Your Used IT Assets Still Have Value

Just because devices within your IT infrastructure are no longer meeting your requirements, it doesn’t mean that they don’t hold value. Your used equipment may be desirable to someone else for a variety of reasons.

With that in mind, TraceTM IT remarketing services can help you identify when it’s time to dispose of assets and assign an accurate value to them, helping you to easily and effectively maximize the return on your investment.

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You Have Computer Asset Remarketing Options

When you’re looking to repurpose equipment at the end of its operational life cycle, we can consult with your IT team and help you align your IT remarketing strategy with your business objectives and your budgetary goals.

We’ll advise you which core IT asset remarketing options are the best choices for your dispositioned hardware. These options include:

  • Refurbish and reuse within your own organization
  • Refurbish and adopt computer remarketing strategies to sell your hardware
  • Remarket to your employees within your own company

Whichever option you choose, Trace TM will assist you in the process by putting exclusive tools in place that will help you reach your business goals. 

Trace TM Easily Manages The IT Asset Remarketing Process

As part of our comprehensive computer remarketing services, Trace TM employs an industry-leading proprietary software plugin called I.V.A.N to assign a value to each asset in your IT inventory. When integrated with ITAM software such as our TRACEability tool, I.V.A.N can easily plot your assets’ value over time.

By being able to assign an accurate market value to your equipment, I.V.A.N brings enormous flexibility and intelligence to your IT forecasting. The software will help you make informed decisions on when to dispose of hardware to recoup a maximum ROI.

I.V.A.N takes several factors into consideration when assigning a market value, including:

  • Comparable market value
  • Depreciation
  • Usage
  • Exposure to the elements

As well, the value analysis tracking software shows the subjective costs to your business of re-deploying hardware, allowing you to take into account:

  • The value of the equipment to your core business operations
  • The cost to replace the hardware if removed from the organization
  • The productivity benefits that the equipment brings

Trace TM makes the process of asset valuation simple and easy through our state of the art software solutions.

Safe And Secure IT Remarketing

Whichever asset remarketing option you choose, you can rest assured that your equipment will be properly cataloged and accurately managed.

Compliance issues regarding data security can easily be met by removing storage devices and installing fresh, clean hard drives to ensure that the new user doesn’t have access to any sensitive data.

When the time comes to replace existing hardware or software components of your infrastructure, trust Trace TM to help you through the IT remarketing process. Our trained staff and software solutions will help you to make informed decisions that will maximize your ROI.

Get More From Your IT Assets

Our IT asset disposition and recycling services can help you regain lost value for your computers and hardware. Call today to see where value might be hiding in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT remarketing?

IT remarketing is the process of evaluating the worth of your existing hardware and software and determining whether it’s time to be replaced via resale. It recognizes that there is an inherent value to your IT assets, and it’s a way to maximize the return on your investment by helping you to recoup capital costs.

How Can Trace TM Help With Computer Remarketing?

Trace TM offers IT asset management software tools to help you with the process of remarketing your hardware and software. In addition, we’ll consult with your IT team to help you make intelligent and informed decisions regarding your end-of-lifecycle assets.

How Do I Know When It's Time To Replace My IT Assets?

When used in tandem with an ITAM package such as TRACEability, our I.V.A.N software tool can help track your equipment and software throughout its lifecycle. By projecting the subjective costs such as benefits to your organization of keeping existing assets in place and their overall value to the company, I.V.A.N helps you make informed decisions about when to retire used components.

How Will I Know How Much My Computer Assets Are Worth?

I.V.A.N is also able to provide an accurate valuation of your hardware and software for IT remarketing purposes. It takes several factors into account to compute the fair market value of your assets.

Is It Safe To Remarket My IT Assets?

Yes. Storage devices can be removed from old computer equipment and replaced, ensuring that new users don’t have access to any sensitive data.

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