IT Asset Management for Data Centers

When you’re running an extensive data center, you need to know your system inside and out. IT asset management for data centers ensures that you can easily keep track of what you have, and map out how everything is connected.

Manually logging every piece of hardware and software that’s in use, or changed, can be time-consuming. Not to mention that you’re relying on previous employees or other staffers to have entered it, and entered it correctly.

Manually administering updates and patches is eliminated through easy-to-use, intelligent asset management that includes automatic discovery features that track the productivity and reliability of your hardware and software.

IT Asset Management for Data Centers

When your systems and devices can easily be integrated with the tools that you’re currently running in your data center, you can experience the utmost in productivity, maintenance, configuration, and establishing access controls. With the TRACEability one-screen management solution, your IT team can focus on IT projects that align with your IT and business goals.

We know that adopting the cloud is becoming a big business goal for both small and enterprise businesses, which is why our cloud-based IT asset management for data centers can easily track even your virtual machines. Making moving, managing, and capacity planning easier than ever.

When your IT team can easily estimate the impact of a change, quickly realize when a device is nearing the end of it’s life, and understanding the value that you can still receive from these devices, proactive planning becomes a reality.

Get in touch with Trace Technologies to discover an ITAM solution that can be easily integrated into the many functions of your data center. We also deal in asset management for IT companies, to deal with your internal infrastructure, or as a partnership to offer advanced ITAM solutions to your clients. Give us a call today to learn more about managing your systems.

IT Asset Management for Data Centers

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