Secure Data Sanitization

Whether disposing of assets or looking for a secure way to remove old data, It’s integral to your compliance efforts that your data is completely removed. Through data sanitization, we can ensure that your drives are completely wiped and devices are ready for new processes, new data, or a new user.

Data eradication is the process of overwriting or degaussing the drive without destroying the drive itself. Considered the most environmentally friendly way to remove data because the drives can then be re-used, secure data sanitization is a process that must meet criteria—especially in highly regulated industries.


Secure Data and Sanitization

Process of Data Sanitization


Erasing or overwriting information using existing software is one way to sanitize data. Ideal for scrubbing non-sensitive data, this method entails making multiple passes with random-overwrite patterns. Two programs for easing files on Microsoft and Unix operating systems are Boot and Nuke (DBAN) and Eraser. Two programs for erasing files on the Macintosh operating system are Burn and Eraser Pro. Macintosh users can also use the “Secure Empty Trash” command in the Finder menu to scrub data from their computers. Erasing or overwriting is the minimum standard of data sanitization.


Degaussing applies a strong magnetic field to storage devices, zeroing out any data. This method removes the media’s magnetic charge, rendering the device both unreadable and inoperable. Degaussers must be rated for the correct Oersteds ( the measure of magnetic strength) to ensure full erasure. This sanitization method is highly reliable. It’s recommended for scrubbing sensitive/protected files on any non-functioning media.

Physical Destruction

Physical destruction involves destroying the storage media via hammering, heat (i.e. blow torch), or drilling holes in the devices platters. Sufficient force must be used to cause sufficient damage to the disk’s surfaces. This sanitization method includes cutting, bending, or damaging electrical connectors to stop re-installation. The highest standard of data sanitization, physical destruction prevents any further use of storage devices.

Hard Drive & Secure Data Sanitization

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