Enterprise Data Security

Throughout the process of your IT asset management, attention needs to be paid to your data security. Each device, each application, and each service needs to have levels of data security solutions built into it.

2014 was the year of the data breach, but 99.9% of those breaches occurred even though security patches were available for over a year before the incidents. Through ITAM systems, security patches and upgrades can be easily deployed across a number devices and systems to ensure the utmost in data security management.

Removing and destroying old assets means that there are no old devices laying around that aren’t protected with your upgraded levels of security, or to physically end up in the wrong hands.

Once you’ve decided to disposition your assets, careful consideration needs to be given to data security compliance. Simply deleting information doesn’t completely remove it from your system, and there are almost always traces left on machines. Whether your devices are to be sent for IT recycling, or are being destroyed, you need assurances that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

TraceTM is a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certified organization that ensures your data is properly sanitized and destroyed prior to resale or destruction.

Enterprise Data Security

Our data security solutions include:

Data Sanitization

Through secure data sanitization services, we can permanently and irreversibly remove data stored on hard drives, flash memory, CDs and DVDs, and portable devices such as tablets or phones.

Hard Drive Destruction and Eradication Audits

While data sanitization can ensure that you can reuse the drive in question, if your devices are going to be completely decommissioned, the best way to create an unreadable hard-disk is to completely destroy it.

Once we’ve completely destroyed your hard drive, in accordance with data destruction standards, our end-to-end tracking and auditing reports are available for your records, including certificates of destruction or recycling.

Enterprise Data Security, Destruction Management, Compliance & Protection

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