Equipment Leasing Management

If your business technology has been leased from a brokerage, you can still take advantage of our end-to-end ITAM solutions that can help you navigate relationships with equipment leasing companies.

Equipment leasing is a good option for companies that aren’t capable of taking on the burden of a complete technology investment when establishing or growing their office. Because our proprietary system, I.V.A.N, can calculate the value of your assets, we are in a unique place to help navigate end-of-lease negotiations, and can even take the hardware off both of your hands when it requires disposal.

Our complete IT asset management solutions ensure that your leasing and purchasing decisions are based on fact and with an actual value attached.

Equipment Leasing Management

End-of-lease management

When you know the value of your assets, it makes negotiations easier and fairer for both parties. We can act as an unbiased party to discuss the fair market value (FMV) of your computers, laptops, portable devices, or monitors, so that you and your brokerage are satisfied.

End-of-term refurbishment or disposal services

A hard drive failure or replacement requirements can end up costing you when returning leased equipment. We can refurbish or repair these devices in order to meet the terms of your original agreement. Don’t lost out on extensive monetary value because one of your systems needed a simple repair.

Destruction and disposal services

Going above and beyond for our clients is our goal, and if hardware is being completely decommissioned, we can help your brokerage with proper recycling procedures. With full documentation to both parties of the assets destruction and recycling, both parties can rest assured that they’ve done their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

Equipment Leasing Management Companies

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