IT Asset Management for Finance Companies

Due to the sheer confidentiality of the information stored on financial institutions machines, IT asset management for finance companies is integral to their continued success and security.

While financial institutions can employ extensive security for stored data, physical security, and access controls, ensuring that decommissioned machines and technologies don’t leave a backdoor open for hackers requires strict reverse logistics procedures.

At Trace Technologies, our commitment to data security is so strict that our IT asset management processes for banks are not only secure, but our insurance coverage means that no matter what, we’re prepared.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Decommissioned devices that are sitting in a corner of your data center, or a corner in your office could still contain sensitive data that could harm your business if it got in the wrong hands. From proprietary service information, customer financial data, and personally identifiable information, your devices hold information that, if leaked, could ruin your reputation and destroy your business.

Properly destroying or sanitizing data is integral to the lifecycle of your devices. When they’ve been decommissioned, rely on us to quickly and accurately wipe any sensitive data so that they can be either resold to recoup your losses, or destroyed to eliminate any possibility of data breach. At Trace, we’re committed to ethical recycling procedures to ensure that your destroyed and decommissioned devices are diverted from landfills to ensure minimal toxic exposure.

Maintaining proper financial records is integral for numerous industries, which is why we also offer IT asset management for medical institutions. Keep track of your devices with TRACEability, ensure data compliance, and recoup your losses easily. Get in touch with us today to get started.

IT Asset Management for Finance Companies

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