TraceTM IT Asset Disposition

The time will come when your organization’s technology reaches the end of its operational life. What will you do with the equipment that you no longer have a use for? How do you determine what it’s worth and recoup some of your costs? And how do you ensure that it’s safely disposed of without risking a data breach?

Having a proper IT disposition strategy in place is an essential component of your overall hardware management plan. Trace TM offers a streamlined hardware asset disposition service and software tools that will bring you peace of mind by solving your used equipment dilemma.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

The Benefits Of Trace TM’s Secure IT Asset Disposition Services

Whether you’re trying to maximize the value of your used technology by remarketing it or seeking a way to securely recycle it, Trace TM has the ITAD solution to fit your organizational needs. Our asset disposition services provide enormous benefits, including:

Remarketing or Recycling. Many businesses can’t afford to purchase new equipment, and accordingly, there is a robust resale market for used hardware. Trace TM can either handle the resale of your IT assets or oversee its secure recycling.

Equipment valuation. Our software tools including TRACEability IT asset management and I.V.A.N plugin can help you easily determine the value of your used equipment. Armed with this information you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions on a proper course of action, whether it’s to remarket your hardware or recycle it. Our software tools are free to existing Trace TM clients.

Secure disposition. Regardless of the ultimate method of your equipment’s disposition, Trace TM will ensure that your data is destroyed by wiping your hard drives clean in full compliance with all data security regulations. You can rest assured that your sensitive data won’t fall into the wrong hands, keeping you fully protected from data breaches.  

Revenue share or specific purchase price. Trace TM will evaluate your hardware and, if it’s determined that remarketing is a viable option, will proceed on either a revenue share basis or offer you a specific purchase price for your equipment.

Transparent process. You’ll be informed of the state of your hardware at every step of the process thanks to our 24/7 reporting portal. And with a single point of contact, you’ll enjoy the benefit of being able to consult with us at every stage.

Nationwide pickup. By leveraging our extensive partner network, Trace TM can pick up your equipment and transport it to our secure recycling centers from wherever you are.


The Trace TM ITAD Process

Trace TM employs a streamlined and holistic process to ensure the proper disposition of your IT assets. This process includes:

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs, and to help with strategizing the best course of action regarding your IT assets
  • Conducting a full equipment review to assess your hardware’s value
  • Nationwide onsite pickup of your IT assets for transportation to our secure processing centers
  • Providing a complete audit of all equipment entrusted to us with full documentation
  • Destroying all data to ensure full data security compliance
  • If items are determined to have no value, processing them through our recycling system to mitigate the amount of e-waste diverted to landfills. Hardware is disposed of according to ISO 14001 Environmental System and RIOS RS recycling standards
  • Assets to be remarketed are completely sanitized, audited and tested in order to maximize their value
  • Full disclosure of the finished process with certification that the equipment has been disposed of in accordance with all relevant regulations

Trust The IT Asset Disposition Experts

Trace TM is committed to helping your organization dispose of your IT assets in a secure and environmentally friendly way. Our dedicated team and streamlined processes will help your business achieve its goals by easily and effectively handling your used equipment.

Contact us to learn how we can help you to optimize your IT assets.

Get More From Your IT Assets

Our IT asset disposition and recycling services can help you regain lost value for your computers and hardware. Call today to see where value might be hiding in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT asset disposition?

Organizations often have the need to dispose of electronic equipment that’s either obsolete or worn out. IT Asset Disposition is the process of disposing of this obsolete or unwanted electronic IT assets in a safe and ecologically responsible manner without loss of data. IT Asset Disposition streamlines the process of retiring assets while minimizing the costs of doing so and recouping any losses. Recouping these costs can offset the expense of purchasing new equipment.

Central to disposing of an IT asset is the destruction of the data on its hard drive. Data is storable on any electronic device with permanent memory, including a fax machine and a printer as well as a device with removable memory, such as digital cameras. Mobile devices seem particularly vulnerable to the failure to destroy data before the asset is retired or discarded. Several methods exist for securely destroying data. They include wiping hard drives clean, degaussing, and the physical destruction of equipment.

Why do we need ITAD?

Companies and organizations are constantly adding new equipment. Each day companies are adding new users and new hardware and software to their IT systems. They’re also are constantly retiring hardware and software to make room for the new equipment. ITAD provides businesses with an orderly and responsible way of retiring old assets that protects the company for data losses while helping them generate funds to offset the purchase of new equipment.

Failing to dispose of your equipment properly can lead to a financial and public relations nightmare. A robust ITAD program benefits you in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Protecting/improving your reputation
  • Cutting your IT costs
  • Saving on energy consumption
  • Avoiding compliance/environmental issues
  • Extracting maximum value from asset recovery

A critical step in any IT asset disposition program is data destruction. This effort entails wiping data clean from the assets storage devices. Data is storable on any IT asset with permanent memory, including fax machines, printers, and digital cameras. Mobile devices are particularly susceptible to data destruction failures before the asset is retired or discarded.

Why should we choose Trace TM as our IT disposition company?

Trace’s IT asset disposition services make sure your assets are retired in a responsible manner and that all the data on the equipment is destroyed. To keep your businesses compliant, we follow proper data destruction procedures to make sure your asset security is well within the parameters established by compliance laws. In addition, we wide every hard drive clean of any sensitive data they may contain. Mobile devices are particularly susceptible to data destruction failures before the asset is retired, discarded, or sold to a wholesaler.

In addition, we’re committed to keeping toxic materials from hurting our environment. That why we’re committed to disposing of your assets according to ISO 14001 Environmental System and RIOS RS recycling procedures. What’s more, our processes are also regularly audited by the EPA and complaint with the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). We will with you to determine the best ITAD solution for you needs—one that guarantees complete data security.

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