IT Asset Management Software

When your business has a vast number of pieces of hardware and software that you rely on day in and day out, it’s integral to keep an eye on their effectiveness. If you’re looking for an IT asset management software that traces and tracks the lifecycle of your technology assets, our ITAM solution may be the answer.

Through TRACEability, your business can have complete oversight over your devices, configurations, and business-critical processes so that you can focus on getting your work done — not on the processes required.

Your IT asset management software combined with TRACEability ensures that you can easily track financial, contractual, and inventory details of your hardware from procurement right through to IT disposition. With one-screen insight into all maintenance and management requirements, your IT team can stop chasing their own tails and plan appropriately for the future.

Overcome the risks, capacity issues, usage entitlements, and compliance issues related to all of your devices and software applications and experience the benefits of TRACEability; ITAM that works for you.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software

Benefits of ITAM Software

Given today’s economic and regulatory environments, managing technology devices throughout their life cycles is a must.  But some organizations think that having an Excel spreadsheet, a fixed asset system, an asset discovery tool, is an IT asset management solution. It’s not. ITAM is more holistic than that. And more encompassing. It also includes asset disposition. That’s where the right IT asset management software, like TRACEability, helps.

Below are some benefits of implementing ITAM at your organization:

  • Improve strategic technology planning
  • Initiate consistent reliable processes
  • Cut the costs of replacing technology
  • Streamline equipment acquisition and auditing
  • Provide accurate information about IT investments
  • Optimize financial management/compliance
  • Eliminate penalties for leases
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes
  • Take advantage of warranty coverage


IT asset management software simplifies and streamlines the management of your assets, from purchase to lifecycle to disposal. Put simply, ITAM plugin optimizes end-to-end usage, boosts asset productivity, and cuts costs. More importantly, ITAM plugin helps boost TCO and ROI of all your assets and enables you to make informed decisions about your assets.

But you need to find the right IT asset management software, one that’s flexible enough to meet your specific needs and has key features, including a robust central depository or CDMB, which serves as a data warehouse for all IT installations.


Device Management

Gain comprehensive insights into all of your devices through IT inventory management.

  • Easily create user profiles for usage limitations through integration with your active directory
  • Remote Control
  • Map your asset configurations through complete IT infrastructure library (ITIL) software asset management
  • Track and analyze your assets from purchasing to recycling

Complete oversight

When you can see and track all of your devices from purchasing to recycling, you can rest assured that your IT lifecycle management is handled.

  • Easily conduct an impact analysis across all systems, users, applications, and services that your business employs
  • To prevent over deployment and and over-spending on licences, TRACEability allows for automatic software patching and management of software roles
  • Seamlessly configure all your devices, operating systems and applications

Recover asset values

Just because a device has hit it’s best before date, doesn’t mean that it no longer holds value. Through our IT remarketing services, you can rest assured that your data is destroyed and your devices can be resold to maximize your ROI and minimize environmental impact.

Complete Integration ITAM with existing systems

You may have an ITAM software that you’re currently using. If it’s not meeting your needs, or your business isn’t currently utilizing its full potential, our cloud-based IT management plugin integrates completely so that you get the most out of your devices and your business.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software & ITIL

What Is IT Asset Management Software?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) software is a dedicated application used to track technology assets through their complete lifecycles. Capable of tracking hardware assets, ITAM software provides key details on each asset, including where the asset is, who is using it, and how the asset is being used. This information helps businesses better manage their IT infrastructures.

IT Inventory Management software also provides key details on vendor performance, optimization for costs for licensing, and vendor audit and policy compliance as well as details on things like risks, capacity information, usage entitlements, and compliance issues. ITAM software is also known as an asset management tool.

Combining ITAM solutions with TRACEability ensures that you can easily track financial, contractual, and inventory details of your hardware from procurement right through to IT disposition. The combination also provides complete oversight over your devices, configurations, and critical business processes.

Why do we need this solutions?

IT Asset Management Software help provide complete visibility into your IT infrastructure inventory. ITAM software helps you gain an in-depth understanding of key IT issues like what systems and equipment exist, where components reside, when they were added to your IT inventory, and how they impact both business and IT services. This level of visibility into your It infrastructure helps you improve its efficiency and performance while minimizing overhead expenses associated with your IT system.

Also, the ITAM program serves as a central repository for all information on your IT assets. Maintaining a depository of information helps mitigate risk and ensure compliance with government regulations, privacy issues, and intellectual property concerns. This central depository is not to be confused with a configuration management database (CMDB). A CMDB is an evolution of the central depository and is part of your ITIL framework. In short, IT Asset Management Software helps you gain control over your IT Inventory.

Which Kinds of Asset Management Software Do You Offer?

We offer two plugins to work with your existing IT Asset Management software solutions. Our TRACEability plug-in allows you to track where in the lifecycle your equipment is and gives you complete visibility to all the IT assets your organization has. This effort gives you complete insight into your IT asset inventory and lets you know when it may be time to replace it. In other words, it helps you make informed decisions while letting you focus on getting your work done. When combined with an IT Asset Management solution, you can easily track financial, contractual, and inventory details of all your hardware and software.

Our IVAN plug-in is a value analysis tracking software. It integrates with your existing ITAM software and uses real-time market prices to tell you how much your IT assets are worth at any point in time. IVAN gives you greater visibility into the hidden value of your assets and lets you know when the best time to sell. When integrated with TRACEability or another ITAM software solution, IVAN enables you to determine the subjective and the objective costs of IT assets.

Do You Provide Support for your ITAM software plugin?

Yes! We offer support for all our ITAM software solutions. We provide this support through a complete consultative process that ensures we’re meeting your needs throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT assets. As part of our support processes, our team of highly skilled professionals work to understand your businesses and its strategy. By understanding your business and its strategy, we can ensure that you’re getting the most out of all your IT assets.

Also, our certified and compliant processes mitigate risks and protect you from financial losses and data security exposure while we implement IT asset lifecycle processes that fit your strategy. Plus, we use compliant disposal processes in our data destruction services to ensure no trace of data is left behind. That, in turn, guarantees you the best possible data security available. Our mission is to deliver efficient, highly responsible IT service and support while protecting and maximizing your technological assets.

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