Hardware Inventory and Equipment Asset Management Software

With the advancements in cloud computing and many offices adopting bring-your-own-device policies, the vast number of devices that are accessing your company information can be overwhelming and may put your company at risk for data-leaking. To prevent data-leaking, you should invest in asset inventory management that is easy-to-manage, reliable, and strategic.

With complete oversight into the configurations of your devices, the devices and programs that they rely on, and their current market value, you and your company can expect to gain more insight into the value and lifecycle of your devices.

Standards in IT asset management are overseen by the International Standards Organization (ISO) 19770.  The four parts of ISO deal with best practices, machine encapsulation, which allows you to identify which machine software is installed on, licensing management, and resource utilization reporting.

But end-user device management isn’t the only technology asset management that you need to track. Network and server inventory management is also required for comprehensive insight into your IT infrastructure to keep the handling of your data completely compliant.

Through equipment asset management, TRACEability, you can easily and accurately keep track of all of your technology from procurement to destruction — and know exactly when to sell them to get the best return on your investment. Having a clear catalog of your complete IT inventory of all assets and devices allows you to streamline any changes, refreshes, or updates you make so that you can easily track down your devices.

By following these practices, our team of IT asset inventory management consultants can ensure that your businesses assets and their values are tracked and configured for complete oversight into your IT infrastructure. So stop fumbling in the dark trying to find devices. With Trace Technologies we can ensure that your hardware lifecycle and IT inventory management is organized. Give us a call to get started today.

TraceTM Offers Different Kinds of IT Asset Inventory and Equipment Management Software

Inventory management offers numerous benefits. It can help you better schedule maintenance, avoid inventory imbalances, staff appropriately, maintain system order, cut costs, and increase profits, just to name a few of them.

But before you can enjoy the benefits of inventory management, you must know what is in your IT inventory. That can be quite a challenge, depending on the size of your company.

TraceTM offers a wide variety of IT asset inventory and equipment solutions designed to fit your specific needs—from keeping track of computer hardware to managing and monitoring server equipment and everything in between.

We’ll help you create a computerized IT inventory management system that not only lets you track every aspect of your IT assets, but also provides you with valuable information and critical insights into your asset purchasing and daily usage.

Below are three key areas of the IT asset inventory we can help you with:

Network Inventory Management

Network inventory management is critical to building and maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure.  Network inventory management helps:

  • Simplify processes that boost operational performance
  • Reduce the time and costs of finding the data needed for operational issues
  • Boost network efficiency by automatically collating data updates and reporting functions, providing an accurate picture of your network’s status
  • Provide a clear top-down overview of your network for planning and development purposes
  • Generate faster service provisioning by integrating network/service provisioning tools and processes.

As a leading provider of IT services, we’ll help you build a network inventory management system designed specifically for you. This system will not only capture all network infrastructure data in one framework—regardless of vendor or technology—but also automatically update it when necessary.

As part of our service, we can create a customer network management software solution for you that includes: (1) reporting functions to key users, (2) process modeling to automate back-office processes, and (3) integrates with other network solutions for fault and trouble management to boost root cause detection and service impact analysis.

Computer Hardware Inventory

Managing computer inventory is critical to surviving in today’s highly competitive environments. A critical part of managing your inventory is performing audits regularly to track everything on your network.

But performing an audit manually is complex and time-consuming. It requires you to record detailed data, such as warranty information and serial numbers, on all your computer hardware. It also requires you to update the spreadsheets and documents used to track your computer inventory whenever there is a change— another complex and time-consuming task.

We’ll help you create a system that automates the process using a computer inventory software solution that fits your needs. By automating this process, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly discover your network’s computer hardware
  • Easily search your computer inventory to find asset information
  • Track the status or service requests on hardware assets
  • Boost technical support efficiency by finding hardware details quickly
  • Automatically track and maintain assets throughout their lifecycles

Managing your computer inventory using our system will help you keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Server Equipment

Managing and monitoring server inventory is a challenge. But it’s also a key part of a well-organized data center. So anything that helps you manage and monitor server inventory and keep it well organized is a step in the right direction.

Managing and monitoring server inventory offers numerous benefits. In addition to saving you time and money, it lets you:

  • Monitor server inventory changes
  • Track patch management activities
  • Automate auditing efforts
  • Compare different system environments
  • Boost critical security controls

We’ll create a server inventory software solution that will let you view all server assets from one console, including CPUs, RAM, and available disk space as well as certificates, system updates, and local administrators. Our software solution will also let you review differences in inventory configurations on key equipment and compare your system inventory at different times.

With our server software solution, they’ll be no need for you to log onto remote servers, create manual files, or execute manual server inventory tasks. You’ll be able to do everything from one console.

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