IT Asset Value Recovery

Are you maximizing your company’s computer hardware value? With our IT asset recovery solutions, you’ll have the tools you need to determine the value of your outdated hardware and make wise choices regarding its decommissioning.

What Is IT Asset Value Recovery?

IT hardware systems at or approaching the end of their operational lifespans will frequently have an ideal window to retain their highest value. They represent an opportunity for companies to recoup some of their capital costs.

Devices such as phones, computers, keyboards and server racks might outlive your needs, yet the reality is there is always someone looking for hardware at a reduced cost for both personal and business use.

IT Asset Value Recovery

Your company may, therefore, be sitting on valuable hardware for which there is a growing second-user market. Our IT asset recovery services help you to track, monitor and determine the value of all your IT hardware, so you’ll always know exactly how much it’s worth.

There are three primary ways to recover costs from obsolete hardware:

  • Resale within your organization. People rarely purchase big-ticket items such as computers and phones, and offering employees this equipment at a reduced price can be seen as a perk. It’s also efficient, as fewer items have to be physically removed from the premises by IT staff.
  • Resale outside your organization. Small businesses often can’t afford the investment of entirely new systems to get their operations up and running. There are numerous wholesale options available to you through computing resales and IT asset recovery and recycling companies that navigate the sales logistics for you.
  • Donations. If you understand the value of your hardware, you can make a donation to a charitable organization and attach a dollar value to the donation for tax purposes.

Our IT Asset Recovery Solutions

We offer a suite of IT asset recovery solutions designed to maximize your hardware’s financial potential. Our I.V.A.N value analysis tracking program integrates with your existing ITAM software so you can easily track the depreciation of your services. It will integrate your IT strategies with your financial planning to give you a big-picture view of the current state of your systems.

In addition, I.V.A.N can track the value of your hardware throughout its operational life. This allows you to both pinpoint which hardware is obsolete and needs to be replaced, and assign financial values to it.

When used in concert with our TRACEability plugin, which pinpoints and tracks at what point in its lifecycle your hardware is in, it’ll help you to gain full insight into your IT assets.

How IT Asset Recovery Can Benefit You

Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding the financial value of your old or obsolete IT hardware. By leveraging our IT asset recovery services, you’ll be able to easily gain the intelligence needed to make smart decisions regarding the decommissioning of your used computers and maximize the return.

Your used hardware has value. Contact Trace Technology Management today to learn how you can make the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Asset Recovery Services & Computer Resale

Why is an IT asset recovery solution important?

IT asset recovery is the process of attaching value to and recouping financial costs by selling or donating your used IT hardware at the end of its lifecycle. By understanding that your used equipment has value and that there is a ready second-user market available, you can dispose of your used hardware in a financially-friendly way.

By providing you with the tools to gain intelligence about the state of your hardware systems, Trace Technology Management can help you to integrate your IT strategies with your financial planning. You’ll be able to understand where in its lifecycle your hardware is, and make intelligent decisions on when and how to replace it.

What are your IT asset recovery services?

We’ll give you the tools that will help you see the big picture of your IT systems. You’ll be able to know what your hardware is worth with our I.V.A.N software. It not only provides you with an instant valuation of your hardware; when used in concert with our TRACEability plugin it can track its value over the lifespan of your equipment.

How do you attach value to used IT hardware?

I.V.A.N takes IT asset recovery to the next level by assigning and tracking asset costs throughout the lifecycle. It does this by having the user input capital costs, after which it calculates ongoing costs such as licensing and using the data to assign a fair-market cost to each piece of hardware.

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