Asset Management for IT Companies

When your clients rely on you to take control of their technology infrastructures, you need to make sure that their data centers and office equipment are properly managed and maintained.

Through asset management for IT companies, we ensure that you have the tools available to deliver the best services.

Our TRACEability asset management system provides complete oversight of every device in use throughout a company, from the PC’s at reception to the printer in shipping. Insight into their lifecycle allows you to make suggestions for technology refreshes, easily maintain operating systems, and institute the best possible decommissioning processes.

When partnering with our professionals at Trace Technologies, you can take advantage of our TRACEability and value analysis tracking software programs to ensure that your clients devices are working, and still providing value.

Asset Management for IT Companies

A partnership with Trace means that you can benefit from:

  • Access to professionals with extensive ITAM knowledge
  • TRACEability software access to implement in your client’s offices
  • I.V.A.N software access to track and report on device values — ensuring that you provide the best ROI for your disposition services
  • Data destruction, sanitization, and e-waste recycling, as well as refurbishing services
  • Data security and compliance guarantees throughout the lifecycle of your devices


When you’re offering managed services that encircle everything your clients IT does for them, partnering with professionals in ITAM makes your job easier and more accurate. Whether you’re searching for a solution for your data center, or require IT asset management for SaaS companies, we can ensure that your ITAM efforts are executed flawlessly.

When you can make informed decisions based on device capacity and performance, you take the credit for your proactive efforts and be your client’s hero.

Asset Management for IT Companies

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