IT Financial Planning

You may be great at financial planning, but what about IT financial planning? Integrating your IT strategies with your financial strategies generates in-depth knowledge into the current state of your systems, as well projecting the lifecycle of your servers and devices.

Through our value analysis tracking program, I.V.A.N, we can help your company with its business financial plan so that you can stop guessing when it’s time to replace your systems and know the value they hold.

By calculating their fair market value and considering their age, and use, I.V.A.N integrates with your ITAM software so that you can easily track the depreciation of your devices throughout their lifecycle.

Investment planning in IT is integral to the strength of your infrastructure, knowing the capacity restrictions or your servers and the quality of your desktop computers means that you can proactively scale up and replace systems as your need requires.

IT Financial Planning

The benefits of deploying IT financial planning companies as part of your lifecycle planning efforts will save you days of potential downtime from hardware failures. Saving you money, and increasing your productivity.

Also know that you have options when it comes to dispositioning equipment. Just because your hardware is no longer meeting your system requirements doesn’t mean it’s garbage. Through I.V.A.N’s value tracking, and our asset recovery services, you can easily pinpoint which hardware is obsolete and which can be refurbished and sold.

Keep track of your hardware’s value — through every stage of it’s lifecycle.

  • Input initial costs
  • Calculate ongoing costs such as licensing
  • Assign a fair market value to each piece of hardware that factors in depreciation
  • Understand costs to replace the hardware if lost/damaged


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