IT Internal Audit

The first step in our process is understanding your specific internal audit controls, getting to know your business, and ensuring that your IT infrastructure is effective and efficient.

Our internal controls audits ensure that your documents, assets, and business processes are managed in the best way possible.

Through a complete evaluation of your company’s information technology infrastructures, your policies, and procedures, we develop an insider’s view into your company’s requirements so that we can make the most economical suggestions that also ensure complete corporate compliance.

Our audit procedures consist of :

Quality audits

Our preventative IT controls audit ensures that your processes are assessed to acknowledge, and resolve, potential errors. These proactive steps mean that your business has complete oversight into your regular processes and procedures so that every action has a predictable outcome.

These audits review the segregation of duties within your organization, the approvals and verifications required to execute transactions, and the overall security of your systems.

Risk Governance

Through detective audit controls, our team can sniff out errors or irregularities in your systems that have already occurred. These performance or reconciliation errors can directly affect the quality of your data, and potentially lead to data loss.

When up to 90% of businesses who experience data loss go out of business within 5 years, identifying errors in your physical, business, and financial controls ensures that your data is safe.

IT Auditing Internal Controls


Once we have an understanding of your internal audit controls, the processes that rely on each other, and the data that your team needs to manage on a regular basis, we can implement your IT asset management system for the utmost reliability.


For a comprehensive overview of the life of your systems and hardware, our IT asset lifecycle management audits can prepare your business for additional purchases that align with your overall financial and business goals. Surprises are never good, which is why we make sure that you can predict those big investments.

For a complete internal controls audit that can be both proactive or reactive, get in touch with our team for a comprehensive business assessment.

IT Internal Audit Controls

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