IT Recycling

When it’s time to retire your end of life IT hardware, it’s crucial to ensure that your assets are disposed of safely and securely. Not only can toxic electrical components pose a public health risk if diverted to landfills, but data must be destroyed in order to prevent a potentially costly data breach.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that only 12.5% of 9.4 million tons of e-waste is properly recycled, making the proper disposition of old IT assets a growing concern.

At Trace TM, we take the recycling of IT assets seriously. We have the knowledge and tools to provide you with a streamlined solution to the problem of housing outdated and unneeded hardware.

IT and E-Waste Recycling Services

Why Choose Trace TM’s IT Recycling Solutions?

We make the task of removing and recycling unused IT assets simple and efficient. Our transparent and holistic process provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hardware has been disposed of properly and securely.

Some of the benefits of Trace TM’s IT recycling solutions include:

Secure disposal. As part of our thorough recycling process, we take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of any data your hardware may contain. From securely locking all equipment in our care and restricting access to it to completely destroying all data, you can rest assured that disposing of your IT assets will never result in a breach of data.

Nationwide onsite retrieval. Trace TM has partnered with transportation industry leaders to offer a fast and efficient removal of old IT hardware from your premises. You’ll never have to worry about what to do with hardware being stored at your facility – we’ll come and retrive it for you. Wherever you’re located, we can transport your used equipment to one of our secure recycling facilities.

One-stop solution. Thanks to our 24/7 reporting portal and single point of contact communication, we’ll keep you constantly informed regarding the state of your hardware. We’ll handle all the details, from pickup through to the complete destruction and recycling of all materials.

Improved IT efficiency. Our secure IT recycling program takes away the burden of disposing of unused assets from your IT department, freeing them to focus on other areas. You’ll be better positioned to deploy your resources where they belong: growing your business.

Trace TM’s Commitment To IT Recycling Standards

Disposing of e-waste properly can be a challenge. Trace TM uses the latest and most advanced e-waste recycling processes and disposal methods to handle all of your electronic hardware. This commitment is demonstrated by our adherence to the highest standards.

Trace TM is fully compliant with ISO 14001 Environmental System and RIOS RS recycling procedures. In addition, our recycling processes are regularly audited by the EPA and are fully in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

  • We believe in providing a secure IT recycling solution. Our process elements include:
  • Tagging all assets upon receipt and tracking them through the entire recycling process
  • Safely locking away all equipment until destruction
  • Providing complete insurance coverage for all e-waste disposal activities
  • Guaranteeing document and hard drive destruction
  • Using ethically responsible disposal and destruction methods that prevent hazardous e-waste from entering the environment

Trust The IT Recycling Experts

Trace TM has the knowledge, tools and dedicated staff to safely and securely handle your IT asset recycling needs. We are committed to providing an efficient, transparent and one-stop solution that is environmentally friendly and which protects you from potentially costly data breaches.

Contact us today to discover how Trace TM can help you to dispose of your unwanted IT assets.

Get More From Your IT Assets

Our IT asset disposition and recycling services can help you regain lost value for your computers and hardware. Call today to see where value might be hiding in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need electronic waste recycling?

With millions of tons of e-waste entering landfills annually, recycling used electronics components clearly becomes a wise choice. Not only does e-waste recycling prevent toxic compounds from entering the environment, but it allows materials to be reused as marketable commodities.

In addition, properly destroying and recycling of your hardware will ensure that sensitive data is destroyed and not left exposed.

Is your electronic waste recycling process certified?

Trace Technologies recycling processes are certified to ISO 140001 and RIOS R2 standards. In addition, we’re regularly audited by the EPA and are compliant with the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Do you provide old laptop recycling services?

Yes. In addition to laptops, we can handle any type of electronic devices, including desktop computers, servers, and mobile phones.

Do you operate your own electronic waste recycling center?

Yes. Our IT recycling services include providing safe transit of your used electronic goods to our secure and modern destruction facility. As well, all of your goods will be securely locked away until destruction occurs to ensure that the integrity of any residual data will be preserved.

How secure is your recycling of electronic waste?

Not only do we securely keep your unwanted electronic waste locked, we ensure that any potentially sensitive data is never exposed to anyone. Your e-waste will never be donated to a third party, be refurbished or put until landfills.

How does your IT recycling process work?

First, all wires and recyclable materials are removed and sent for refining. Larger pieces are crushed, with the pieces separated by weight. Metal pieces are sent through a refining process, while metals themselves are melted down and sent to manufacturers to be turned into new hardware.

Do you provide a paper trail regarding your recycling of e-waste?

Yes. Not only do we ensure that any sensitive data is destroyed, but we provide full audit trails and reports to prove that your hardware has been safely disposed of.

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