Computers & Ipad Management for Schools

Our educational institutions are adopting technology rather quickly. Computers for schools and ipads for schools are devices that enhance coursework and increase participation. When your institution has numerous devices in circulation throughout your school, properly monitoring their whereabouts, as well as tracking their productivity and value means that your IT department can make better technology refresh decisions.

Through our IT asset management solutions and value analysis tracking programs, we can give you complete oversight into your investments. TRACEability, our ITAM solution, can ensure that you have an easy, one-screen solution to tracking and updating numerous devices.

I.V.A.N, our value tracking software, can ensure that you’re staying aware of the product and market values of your devices — so that you know when the best time would be to resell. When TRACEability and I.V.A.N are integrated, you can easily make better purchasing or refreshing decisions on your computers for schools

Computers & Ipads Management for Schools

We want to ensure that your teachers are capable of delivering the best lessons, with rich multimedia capabilities and online interactive programs. When you partner with Trace Technologies, you can rest assured that our trained professionals can provide in-depth consultations to answer your computers for schools issues.

We know that students respond better when they have access to computers, and we know that colleges and universities simply cannot run without top-of-the-line equipment to support their students. Whether you’re looking to invest in high quality refurbished computers, new technology, or are looking for a complete refresh, we’ve got you covered.

While we focus on a number of industries, such as IT asset management for banks, healthcare institutions, or data centers, we can offer guidance on implementing an asset management system in your company. Give us a call to get started managing your devices.


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