Reverse Logistics Services and In Transit Insurance

Throughout the lifecycle of your hardware, you want and need to ensure that proper procedures are in place for easy and ethical management. From the initial consultation through to destruction reports, you can ensure that your hardware is thoroughly monitored.

Laptops, monitors, telecommunications devices, and anything your office needs to regularly conduct business is managed throughout it’s life. The IT asset lifecycle process includes every stage throughout the course of your product’s life, from procurement and through the reverse logistics process.

1. Procurement

Once new or used hardware is procured, your assets are logged into your asset management system. TRACEability keeps accurate records of where your product is, who is using it, and allows your company to keep accurate records of every device that you own.

2. Updates & compliance

Through ITAM, you can easily deploy system wide updates to keep your operating systems productive and compliant. Through productivity reports, you can easily get an idea of just how well the device is working so that you can make proactive decisions on when to refresh your technology.

3. Value analysis

Through I.V.A.N., our value analysis tracking system, you can keep a close eye on how much your devices are costing you to operate, and how much they’ll be worth if you choose to resell them.
Reverse Logistics Services and In Transit Insurance

4. Data sanitization

Whether you’re removing a device from an employee who is no longer with the company, or transferring the device to a different department, data sanitization ensures that the device is wiped of all sensitive or personally identifiable data. This can be done both remotely, and with the device in front of you.

5. In-house reuse

Just because a device is no longer operating to the best of it’s capability in one department, doesn’t mean that it’s useless to the organization. Once the data is removed, we can assist in suggesting how to make the most of your hardware.

6. Repair

The safe and secure repair of devices requires a team that focuses on the sensitivity of your data. Whether you’re looking to recover data, or to decommission the device entirely, we can repair your device back to usability.

7. Refurbishing

Reverse logistics services mean sending your devices through a phase that brings them back to their original operating capabilities. To the best of our ability, we can refurbish devices so that you can get the best resale value for them — without compromising the security of your data.

8. Destruction

If your devices are too old to benefit from resale, or your hard drives require complete destruction due to compliance regulations, our destruction process includes complete hard drive shredding to render the data unreadable, and the device unusable.

9. Waste

e-waste is considered highly toxic, and e-waste procedures need to account for this. Which is why our recycling procedures aim to divert all technological waste from landfills by recycling pieces and keeping toxic waste out of our atmosphere.

To ensure complete data security throughout the process, we offer reverse logistics services and in-transit insurance that protects your best interests and maintain an accurate audit controls throughout the devices journey.

IT Logistics & Reverse logistics

The reverse logistics process takes your used and decommissioned hardware and properly, accurately, and securely transitions it through a strategic process. This process ensures that parts that can be reused are reused, while your data is destroyed or sanitized effectively.

In-transit insurance

To ensure complete protection from data ending up in the wrong hands, we offer in-transit insurance that covers all downstream data coverage.

Reverse Logistics Services & In-Transit Insurance

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