Reverse Logistics Services

The process of reverse logistics accounts for everything that happens to your hardware once it’s purpose has been changed. Sometimes this includes moving to another department, sometimes it goes as far as actual destruction.

Whereas the IT delivery process starts with manufacturing and moves through sales and configuration, the reverse logistics process takes your hardware through the phases from the user through to it’s proper disposal.

Our reverse logistics services ensure that your ITAM lifecycle is followed every step of the way, so that you can keep track of your electronic media.

Reverse Logistics Process and Services
The process of reverse logistics follows the path below:

  1. User
  2. Consider reuse within organization
  3. Refurbishing/Repairing
  4. Remanufacture
  5. Recycle/Destruction
  6. Waste


While some steps in this process can be skipped, our reverse logistics services include a consultation process to determine if your assets still hold resale value, whether they can be reused within your organization, or if compliance issues dictate that your hard drives need to be completely shredded.

If you’re looking for a trackable, responsible, compliant, and accurate reverse logistics process, complete with in-transit insurance, get in touch with our team for a complete consultation to understand the steps your data needs to take.Reverse Logistics Services

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